com /“ oil rich norway ,” “ oil rich delta ,” “ ghana gold ”* “ postcard W r i t i n g

com /“ oil rich norway ,” “ oil rich delta ,” “ ghana gold ”* “ postcard W r i t i n g

Diverse Persistent Ecologies is our theme for class on November 2. The assignment is to become familiar with diverse persistent ecologies through the experimental ideas of Beau Lotto, works by artists from the eco-aesthetics exhibition, Don’t Panic, held in South Africa, and the sonic experiments of bio-aesthetics.

1. Beau Lotto

* “How Our Minds Shape Perception”

2. from Don’t / Panic, curated by Gabi Ngcobo

2.a. The book Don’t / Panic is from an art exhibit of the same name, curated by Gabi Ngcobo. The short book can be read, virtually in its entirety, at the link below. Note, the pages have small, light print and images with detail, which might not be readable on phones.

* Read the opening pages, which give an introduction to the entire exhibition. Next, while looking back and forth between images and text, become familiar with the artworks discussed.

2.b. Become more familiar with several of the artists discussed by visiting their works at the links below, and related works that you find through your own research:

2.b.i. Batoul S’himi, “The World Under Pressure”


2.b.ii. Mlu Zondi, “IDENTIKAT”


* showreel,

* from “they act as lovers” and “the problem of beauty”

2.b.v.. Bright Eke Ugochukwu

* “Eco-scope” site—be sure to make it to the end of the webpage. Some of the links along the right site of the site may be of interest George Osodi


“Oil Rich Norway,” “Oil Rich Delta,” “Ghana Gold”

* “Postcard from Norway—Hypocrisy: The Site Specificity of Morality” (by Natalie Hope O’Donnell, on Osodi exhibit, excellent commentary)

3. Bioaesthetics

3.a. Miya Masaoka


“Pieces for Plants,”

3.b. Yuji Dogane

3.c.. Trees and Corn

Your portfolio entry may use any format to pursue a theme of your own selection, with reference to specific aspects of selected works.

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