Columbus and Cortes were two explorers who served the interests of the Spanish Crown. Using primary source readings, textbook, and lecture, analyze how the Spanish Crown benefited politically, economically and culturally (religiously) from these men’s vio

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a.A clear introductory paragraph with an argument. The introduction should also state which sources you are using to prove your argument.

b.Body paragraphs should be well-organized, and include textual evidence and analysis. This includes quoted material with citations.

c.The paper should be well-revised and edited.

Proper citations:

You do not need to use any outside sources except for class readings and lectures. Each time you quote, you need to attribute that statement to a relevant source.

Selections from textbook:

Levack, “The Italian Renaissance and Beyond,” in Revel The West: Encounters and Transformations, Combined Volume, 5e (2018). Accessed at

Selections from documents:

(at the end of each document, the e-book provides a footnote for the document. Copy that information, then copy the URL.)

Machiavelli, Niccolo. The Prince, Luigi Ricci, trans. (London: Grant Richards, 1903), pp. 36–43, 60–61. Accessed at


Junko Takeda, “Political and Religious Strife” (Lecture: week 2 lecture 1), September 4, 2019.

Subsequent Citations:

Give author’s name, short title. For example: Machiavelli, “The Prince.”

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