cold war amh2020world war two created two massive superpowers H u m a n i t i e s

cold war amh2020world war two created two massive superpowers H u m a n i t i e s

The Rise of the Cold War AMH2020

World War Two created two massive superpowers. Define their origin either during World War Two/Briefly after the War during the period of De-Colonization:


1.The United States/One Event

2.The Soviet Union/One Event

Allowed Resources

The American Promise 9th Edition is the Only Source Allowed/Berlin Airlift cannot be used.

Example: The Berlin Airlift (this event cannot be used).

-The Berlin Airlift showed a breakdown of the American-Soviet relationship.

-Stalin closed off all land traffic into West Berlin.

-President Truman responded by sending thousands of supply flights over the Western half of the city.

-The tension over the event destroyed the weak American-Soviet relationship.

-Truman had a deep distrust of the Soviets moving forward.

-Berlin emerges at the closest point of contact and possible war between the two powers.

-NATO and the Warsaw Pact emerged.

Why is this so important?

1. Berlin and Eastern Europe were occupied by the Soviets.

2. Truman felt the Soviets betrayed the Yalta Accords.

3. Follow the event through, how did it worsen the crisis.

4. Please note this could be technology, economic, a historical actor, but there needs to be one event per Cold War Enemt.

Event(s) Present one specific event per country/Please note there should be one event for each country.

1.The event needs to be rooted in the concept of American/Soviet Power.

2.The event needs to define a new technology/political policy/or global expansion.

3.Please define how the event changed the country in terms of foreign policy and global power.


1.Each event must be 200 to 400 words.

2.Please make sure that is in paragraph form/One event per power.

3.Tie the event into the wider issue of sectionalism.

4.Present a possible solution to the crisis.

5.Please note only the American Promise can be used.

6.Have full in text citation.

7.Have a works cited.

8.Separate the events, one paragraph for the North, one paragraph for the South.

9.No direct quotes, the analysis needs to be original and specific to the issue of sectionalism.

10.No outside sources will be allowed.

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