citing page numbers whenever possible W r i t i n g

citing page numbers whenever possible W r i t i n g

PROMPT: One of the more interesting elements of the recognition narrative is the fact that what is “recognized” is often the true nature of a character’s identity. Sometimes this is a question of familial relationships, sometimes it is the revelation of one’s true destiny, and at others it has to do with revealing a character’s true motivations. The best recognition narratives in fact do all of these things. Consider how identity is concealed and revealed in any two works we have studied this semester. How does this recognition work? You might consider issues as varied as the nature of romantic or familial love, or transgressive identities and actions. Consider how the recognition in each work relates to the question of identity, as well as the broader arguments the author seems to be making in the work that we are reading.

INSTRUCTIONS: craft an essay that draws on authors we have studied from two different topical genres we have studied (note: for the sake of this assignment, you should think of our genres as classical, romance, and bildungsroman). This requires an argument of some sort—provide a thesis that tells me why you think these two authors fit together, preferably one that has something interesting to say. Please use specific examples and details from the texts, citing page numbers whenever possible. Essays should be single-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, and should be at least one full page. Documents should be saved as pdfs or as word documents.

You must discuss two authors in this essay: each must be representative of a different section we have studied (we have studied three sections: the Ancient world, Romance, and the Bildungsroman). Students who fail to write on two different sections will have an upper point limit of 50 points for this assignment (For example, an invalid pairing would be Homer and Sophocles, both classical writers, or Shakespeare and The Gawain Poet, both of whom were studied as part of romance; students choosing such groupings would find their score on this assignment limited to at most 50 out of 100 points—in other words, the highest achievable grade would be an F)


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