charityyard sale fundraisercollect gently worn clothes W r i t i n g

charityyard sale fundraisercollect gently worn clothes W r i t i n g

The goal is to raise 500k (500,000) in a years time. Basically by the end of 2021. I need to show a graph of how this can be done with the events provided. I need these events listed on the graph and an estimated amount of how much can be made for the year. The graph needs to be colorful with each event represented. Use the summary below each event as reference and create one page summary of the events and their outcomes. So I need a graph and a two page summary (due to the amount of events) of each event listed below with the outcome of possible results.

Eating Contests

Open up your fundraiser to all types of eating contests. Whether you serve pies, doughnuts, or hot dogs, contestants can pay an entry fee to compete. Solicit local shops or bakeries to donate the food that will be devoured at your tasty fundraiser.

Fundraiser Dinner Party

This fundraising event idea can turn into a themed party for any occasion. Whether you host a potluck harvest dinner or a cocktail hour, sell tickets and invite guests over to a rented venue, a volunteered home, or your office for a delicious meal. and host mini-tournaments among different sets of players and advertise prizes for the winners.

Ice Cream Social

This fundraising event idea is perfect for families and children. Ask your community and local businesses to donate supplies, get the word out, and charge per scoop day-of. Consider adding an ice cream eating contest into the mix. This type of event would be ideal on a weekend or in the summer when families have more free time on their hands.

Movie Night

Host a film screening or movie marathon at a local park or auditorium and sell tickets and snacks for suggested donations. Another twist to this familiar fundraising event is to ask friends and family to each host their own mini-film screenings on behalf of your cause and invite their networks. They can then speak about your mission afterward and take note of those who want to learn more.