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cause despite different ones H u m a n i t i e s

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In the last 10 weeks, I am endured many personal challenges with myself but also with my family. As covid-19 has impacted us tremendously. As well as losing my grandfather during thanksgiving was very hard for me but, I continue to push myself and complete this course. I can truthfully say I have accomplished a lot, because I stuck with the class and finally made it to week 10.

One important thing I have learned in this class is collaboration and most off all effective communication leads to a great Action Plan. The support from my classmates but most of all my professor allowed me to understand brainstorming and sharing our thoughts and ideas comes a long way when working on a cause despite different ones.

As I move forward, being able to share my ideas and be able to get insight on what is workable and not workable. Accepting construction criticism to make me better at the things I lack or missed. I will utilize the action research model to allow me to be successful and effective in the things I need to improve. This class allowed me to get insight on collaboration and also on how to set an action plan which I think has allowed me to adjust to a new position I started din October of 2021.

Final Results: Completion of academic coursework and closer to step to finishing my degree.

Challenges: Covid-19 Global Pandemic, loss of grandfather and currently My 4 kids having Covid-19.

Action: Obtaining online resources for mental and emotional health, adapting to my new position, and training my team virtually.

Results: Being able to continue course work, taking care of family and meeting my goals at my new job.

Details: Staying focus and optimistic, learning how to take a break when needed and accepting the many challenges I have faced with personal and employment.

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