board composition analysis board members bring knowledge W r i t i n g

board composition analysis board members bring knowledge W r i t i n g

Board Composition Analysis

Board members bring knowledge, skills, perspectives, and connections to their board. The assets that are most valued will vary from board to board and change over time as the needs and priorities of the organization changes. A grid showing the current and desired assets of board members can be a useful tool for evaluating the composition of a board and considering the types of individual that would be recruited to fill open board positions.

In this Discussion, you will analyze the current composition of the board of directors for the nonprofit organization you have chosen for your Final Project, or one that you are familiar with, using the Board Matrix Worksheets found on pages 90–91 of the “Nonprofit Board Answer Book: A Practical Guide for Board Members and Chief Executives (3rd Edition)” or using the Board Composition Analysis Template found in this week’s Learning Resources.

With these thoughts in mind:

Must be 1.5-2 pages

1. Post a copy of your Board Matrix Worksheets and provide an analysis of the composition of the board for your selected nonprofit organization. EXCEL ATTACHED

2. Explain the size, composition, skills, traits and other key assets important to your organization. Then identify the strength and weaknesses of the current board composition.

3. Finally, recommend how this board composition could be changed to improve board performance and organizational effectiveness.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and outside scholarly resources.


The Harford Center-

BoardSource. (2010). The handbook of non-profit governance. San Francisco, CA: Wiley

Chapter 6 Building a board pp 99-126

Resources are also in last question

BoardSource, (2011). Nonprofit Board answer book: A practical guide for board members and Chief executives (3rd ed.) Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.

Part 3: Board Member Selection and Development (pp.84-113)

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  • Chapter 11, “Nurturing a Relationship with the Board” (pp. 139–160)
  • Chapter 12, “Developing Relationships with Individual Board Members” (pp. 161–172)
    • Part 3, “Board Member Selection and Development” (pp. 84–113)

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