bb link via “ content -> submit assignments .” B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

bb link via “ content -> submit assignments .” B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Description: view the documentary Social Dilemma and apply the content to A) their own consumption and B) class concepts. Students are expected to answer each point of content below in a manner that indicates they did, in fact, view the documentary (part 1), conduct the reflection exercise (part 2) and apply the text material (part 3).

Submission & Grading: Students should type their answers to the content outlined below in the WORD document provided on Blackboard. To submit the WORD file, follow the BB link via “Content ->Submit Assignments.” This assignment is worth 1/5 of your ADT grade and will be scored out of a maximum 100 points.


PART 1: Notes from the documentary

View the documentary Social Dilemma to answer the questions in this part. It is currently available on Netflix (which offers a free trial).

  1. Describe, in detail, the issue(s) being presented in this documentary.
  1. The focal point. What are we meant to see as the big issue causing a lot of problems?
  2. Consequences. Who and what is impacted? Briefly explain how and why.
  3. Antecedents. Where does the issue originate? (What/who is causing or perpetuating the issue?)
  1. What are the pros and cons of social media, as presented in the documentary (describe at least 3)?

PART 2: Reflection & Critical Thought

  1. What was the most shocking thing you learned in this documentary? (2-3 sentences, be specific)
  1. What is one thing you might change about your own behavior, based on what you learned from this documentary? Give a specific example of what you learned that might change your own behavior. (3-4sentences)

PART 3: Application of Class Concepts

  1. The Marketing Mix. Take your best shot at describing the 4Ps (product, price, placement, and promotion) for social media. (4 sentences)
  1. Market Environment. Describe the competitive environment for social media. Then choose one social media platform to conduct a SWOT. (6-7 sentences, may require that you investigate the company a bit).
  1. Digital Engagement. Explain how social media turns the “Wheel of Social Media Engagement.” Address each component of the wheel (Figure 3.3), using terms and concepts from your text. Be specific and elaborate on the connection between your points and what you learned in the documentary (2 paragraphs).
  1. Ethics. To what extent are social media companies (for profit organizations) responsible for protecting consumers from the negative impacts of their products and experiences? Think critically, using what you learned from text chapter 4 and relating it to what you learned in the documentary (6-7 sentences, using terms and ideas from your text).

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