auditory stimuli language sense language ability sensitivity language acquisition device flag question H u m a n i t i e s

auditory stimuli language sense language ability sensitivity language acquisition device flag question H u m a n i t i e s

Flag question: Question 1Question 11 pts

Safety education includes all of the following issues, except

Group of answer choicesaccidents.


child abuse and neglect.

environmental risks.

Flag question: Question 2Question 21 pts

A basic consideration for incorporating physical education in the early learning setting is to

Group of answer choicesremove the boundaries for play themes.

plan for both indoor and outdoor activities.

keep physical fitness activities separate from other aspects of the curriculum.

include only adult-directed movement activities in the daily schedule.

Flag question: Question 3Question 31 pts

Early care and education professionals can help children develop healthy body images by 

Group of answer choicesnot talking about bodies.

discussing your own inability to lose weight.

reminding children that young bodies grow and change.

having popular print media available.

Flag question: Question 4Question 41 pts

Benefits of risk-taking during play do not include children

Group of answer choicesbeing injured.

having fun.

challenging themselves physically and emotionally.

gaining confidence in thier abilities.

Flag question: Question 5Question 51 pts

An indicator of abuse and/or neglect may include

Group of answer choicesadequate supervision at home.

verbally abusive communications from early childhood professionals to families.

no changes in a child’s general behavioral patterns.

a pattern of physical injuries, which are not a typical part of the child’s history.

Flag question: Question 6Question 61 pts

Early care and education professionals assisting young children in dealing with feelings should begin

Group of answer choicesby identifying the negative consequences of acting on feelings.

by helping children recognize and label their feelings.

by giving children strategies for dealing with feelings.

by helping children accept their feelings as normal.

Flag question: Question 7Question 71 pts

Which of the following is an example of a social skill?

Group of answer choicesTyler is comfortable and positively approaches his peers to engage in cooperative play.

In the housekeeping center, Magda forcefully and without flexibility tells classmates that she is the only mother in their play scenario.

Vanna, a preschooler, prefers to play alone during free play time.

Nydia, a kindergartner, repeatedly lets Malcolm take her snack, although she is hungry and upset with his actions.

Flag question: Question 8Question 81 pts

Self-concept refers to

Group of answer choiceshow people feel about themselves and is generally considered a component of emotional development.

how people see others and is generally considered a component of emotional development.

one’s ability to act independently from others and is generally considered a component of social development.

a child’s ideas about the surroundings in which learning and growth occur.

Flag question: Question 9Question 91 pts

Which of the following is an example of an environment and/or materials for social development? 

Group of answer choicesMr. Gusto blocks off certain centers because the children get too noisy and talkative.

Principal Smith notices that the new kindergarten teacher has hung up pictures depicting one child engaged in a solitary activity.

Ms. Wang and Mrs. Delgado, co-teachers, only allow one child to sit at each computer station.

Ms. LaSalle has a table that seats four children in each center.

Flag question: Question 10Question 101 pts

Which of the following is not an example of children using effective materials that allow them to express their feelings in positive ways?

Group of answer choicesSamantha makes an “I’m Sorry” card after knocking her best friend Primvada’s castle over in the block center.

Heidi colors over her classmate’s picture because she wanted the last pink piece of construction paper.

Tamika reads Bear Shadow, by Frank Ash, whenever she feels lonely without her favorite teddy bear.

Raul listens to music with headphones when he gets mad at his classmate for making too much noise at their work station.

Flag question: Question 11Question 111 pts

Cognitive development refers to

Group of answer choicesthe continuing process of learning about the world and all of its many components.

the growth associated with the acquisition of coordination and strength.

the continuing process of developing social and emotional maturity.

the acquisition of skills needed to successfully move and use fine and gross motor muscles.

Flag question: Question 12Question 121 pts

Critical thinking refers to the child’s ability to

Group of answer choiceslove learning.

recognize and then solve problems that come the child’s way.

examine data critically and determine what is useful in making specific decisions and what is not.

organize and categorize information.

Flag question: Question 13Question 131 pts

An example of a constructivist environment would be:

Group of answer choicesMrs. Shishani tells her students that they must hand their community maps in to her without discussing directions or crossroads with their classmates.

The children in Ms. Franco’s 2nd-grade class always take pages of notes and watch their teacher demonstrate science experiments without their assistance or opportunities to try the experiments themselves.

The children in Mr. Delaney’s room know that they can experiment with a variety of materials to determine whether they sink or float without worry that their teacher will restrict their curiosity.

Toddlers in the “Sunshine” room at Mr. Christian’s child care center are given worksheets to look at that identify shapes during the scheduled shape theme week.

Flag question: Question 14Question 141 pts

Which of the following statements uses accurate mathematical language?

Group of answer choices“You used the compass to draw a very good circle on your paper.”

“This is how we write the number 5.”

“We’re going to talk about shapes today. This ball is a circle.”

“I have five marbles and you have three. Who has less?”

Flag question: Question 15Question 151 pts

Which of the following is an example of an early childhood experience that can help children learn about others?

Group of answer choicesA federally funded program serves food that reflects only one culture’s diet.

Banan’s father reads a story about Ramadan and discusses their family’s practices so her classmates understand the importance of fasting during this time period.

Mr. Abraham, a preschool teacher, ignores children’s questions about blended families when they realize that a classmate lives with his stepmother and biological father.

The local child care center has books that represent only the dominant culture’s way of living.

Flag question: Question 16Question 161 pts

Which of the following represents the innate ability to acquire language? 

Group of answer choicesSensitivity to auditory stimuli

Language sense

Language ability sensitivity

Language acquisition device

Flag question: Question 17Question 171 pts

All of the following are components of a developmentally appropriate language environment for young English language learners (ELLs) except:

Group of answer choicesELL children need meaningful experiences to use as the basis for productive oral language communications.

early care and learning professionals take time to converse with ELL learners in their first language.

early care and learning professionals must understand and accept the process of second language acquisition.

quality children’s literature that values the differences between children.

Flag question: Question 18Question 181 pts

Which of the following is the best definition of phonology, one of the five main elements of language?

Group of answer choicesA system of sounds used to make up words in a specific language

Involves the meanings given to words

Rules for combining sounds to form words within a specific language, for example, rules for creating plurals and tenses

Refers to the procedures for combining words into phrases and sentences

Flag question: Question 19Question 191 pts

Semantics refers to the element of language that

Group of answer choicesinvolves the meanings given to words.

consists of the understanding necessary for adapting language to different social situations

is a system of sounds used to make up words in a specific language.

is associated with the procedures for combining words into phrases and sentences.

Flag question: Question 20Question 201 pts

Emergent literacy refers to

Group of answer choicesthe notion that young children construct knowledge about language by direct instruction.

the idea that learning to read and write has much in common with oral language development.

providing an adult-directed and workbook-oriented literacy program to early preschoolers.

the understanding that children learn to read and write only by direct instruction in the primary grades.

Flag question: Question 21Question 211 pts

Which of the following is the best example of how an early care and education professional supports those ingredients needed for children to be creative individuals?

Group of answer choicesJanice, an assistant in the 3-year-old class, places bottle caps, empty egg cartons, and scraps of material and yarn in the art area for exploration and use.

Franklin, a kindergarten teacher, allows his students an open space, floor, and table in the art center, to use shaving cream and paint to discover color blending.

At art time, Ms. Anna takes out the art material, individual crayon boxes, and one sheet of 8 ½” by 11” construction paper for children in her preschool class to draw pictures of teacher-suggested topics.

Matt displays coloring sheets in an after-school program of those children who colored within the lines and used the expected colors for the items in the scene.

Flag question: Question 22Question 221 pts

Which of the following is a common misconception about art?

Group of answer choicesadults should emphasize the process, not the product of art.

adults don’t need strong art skills to teach it to young children.

adults should consider art a nonessential element of the curriculum.

adults should ask appropriate questions and guide the art experience.

Flag question: Question 23Question 231 pts

Which of the following is not a stage of children’s art?

Group of answer choicesPersonal symbol and design stage

Attempts at public representation

Scribbling and mark-making stage

Concrete operational stage

Flag question: Question 24Question 241 pts

Which of the following is a benefit of music for child development? 

Group of answer choicesChildren can be distracted by the background music during a language arts block.

Children can learn to draw cartoon characters while listening to music.

Children increase their perceptual skills when exposed to various types of music.

Children attend more music sessions than language arts sessions each week.

Flag question: Question 25Question 251 pts

All of the following are examples of appropriate musical development except  

Group of answer choicestoddlers enthusiastically responding to certain songs.

5-year-olds have a maturing sense of pitch, rhythm, and melody.

infants repeating repetitive phrases.

3-year-olds mastering simple songs.

Flag question: Question 26Question 261 pts

Karina, a first-grade teacher, can support appropriate use of the television at home by doing all of the following except 

Group of answer choicessuggesting moving the television to a room not in the center of family life.

suggesting that families discuss what the children are watching.

encourage families to allow unlimited television viewing

distributing professional articles that present benefits and problems of television watching.

Flag question: Question 27Question 271 pts

Families and educators have concerns over video game use because children

Group of answer choicesdevelop skills needed to cooperate and positively interact with others.

learn prosocial skills from video game characters.

spend a lot of time watching and playing video games.

get ideas for creative writing

Flag question: Question 28Question 281 pts

NAEYC’s position statement on developmental appropriateness of technology in the classroom suggests all of the following except

Group of answer choicesearly care and education professionals must exercise professional judgment to ensure that each opportunity for computer use is age appropriate, individually appropriate, and sensitive to cultural diversity.

software selected for use should include stereotyping and the use of violence as a problem-solving strategy.

computers should be integrated into the early childhood setting and used by children as simply another learning option.

computers can stimulate cognitive and social development when used correctly.

Flag question: Question 29Question 291 pts

Technology devices used by children with special needs to enhance their learning opportunities are called

Group of answer choicessupportive technology.

assistive technology.

inclusive technology.

specialized technology.

Flag question: Question 30Question 301 pts

It is suggested that computer use in preschool settings is developmentally appropriate because at this time children

Group of answer choicesare learning how to represent their understanding through concrete material use.

are learning about their world through the use of their senses.

are already using symbols in their play.

need to write reports and research topics on the Internet.

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