assignments coming ): two scholarly articles W r i t i n g

assignments coming ): two scholarly articles W r i t i n g

Write a proposal to make a movie about a hero or villain of your choice (one hero or villain). Use research to identify the conversation surrounding this entity and to support your proposal and argue why it’s a good idea to make this movie. 

What Is a Proposal?

A proposal suggests or recommends something, such as a movie, event, product, or solution to a problem. You will propose making a movie about a hero or villain (only one, please). 

Who Is Your Audience/Reader?

Please write this proposal for a studio executive (person in charge of the studio who decides what movies to make) and film producer (the person who gathers the money and means to make the film). They want to make money, so persuade them why this movie will make a lot of money and gain popularity for the studio based on the conversation (your research) surrounding your film. 

Research for Your Entity and this Film

Identify and analyze the conversation (the buzz) surrounding your entity. You will then use your research in your proposal to compel your studio executive and film producer to make your film. 

Find four sources for your proposal (assignments coming): two scholarly articles and two popular sources. 

Writing the Proposal

  • Introductory Paragraph (Opening Paragraph) 20% of the grade
  • Open with an introductory paragraph introducing the context of the hero/villain genre and it’s current popularity.
  • Then introduce the opportunity to take advantage of this successful trend and how this studio can benefit from it by  making a hero/villain movie of their own.
  • Then introduce your hero or villain and why this entity will work well for your movie.
  • Then assert your thesis/purpose arguing why this movie needs to be made and how it will benefit the studio. 

Body Paragraphs

  • Persuade your reader with the body paragraphs.
  • Discuss why and how making this film will benefit your audience, and use your sources to support your ideas.
  • Talk about how the source works to influence readers regarding the topic and your entity, and then connect this effort to influence readers to show your audience there’s a demand for this movie.
  • Identify major ideas from the readings and use them as topic sentences for each paragraph of discussion. 

Conclusion (Moving Forward to Make this Movie)

  • Instead of closing the paper, emphasize the why we need to make this movie (because it’s a popular topic, based on your research, and it will make the studio money).
  • Then state how to move forward: what are the next steps or strategies to make this film a reality?
  • Then tell the reader why these steps will work well. 

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