assignment involves collecting information W r i t i n g

assignment involves collecting information W r i t i n g

For this assignment, you will conduct an informal case study of attitudes and knowledge
of human sexuality. This assignment involves collecting information about your topic
from the general public as well as professionals working within the field.

You will collect this information primarily through observations and interviews with
subjects about the topic you have selected. Please interview a minimum of five subjects
from the world at large (friends, parents, peers, random sample) and one subject who
works with this topic in a professional capacity (medical professional, educator,
researcher, social service). You will also need to consult the relevant published research
on human sexuality. In your research for this assignment, answer the following questions:

1. What are the biological, psychological, social, cultural and technological factors
influencing your topic today?

2. How do attitudes & knowledge about this topic differ from person to person, and why
might that be? How has attitudes or knowledge about this topic changed over time?

3. What insights did your interview subjects share that contradicted or confirmed your
previous assumptions about this topic?

4. How do professionals approach this topic effectively in their work?

Write a 5-8-page case study of this topic and what you have learned. The paper should
not be a summary of what your interview subjects said; rather, most this paper’s content
should be your description and analysis of this topic and what it looks like in
contemporary society. In your discussion of your subject, you will draw on
published theories and research that are relevant to the specific issues and questions that
arise as you seek to understand your subject. This use of published research is a crucial
and required component of this assignment. You can use any of the course readings, but
you should also expect to search for and review other research and professional literature
that might help you understand your topic better.

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