answers using proper academic conventions B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

answers using proper academic conventions B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

I want from you to follow the rubric and the instructions in the pdf

and my topic is Hazardous-chemical production system and its related
to KSA

1. Hazards

a. Hazards: Consider your assigned asset and explain what are the three most relevant hazards it faces, and the degree to which they are related to each other. (12.5%)

b. Assessment: Place your selected hazards in a hazard matrix and justify by estimating the probability and magnitude with valid data. (12.5%)

2. Vulnerability Assessment

a. Assets: Select the hazard with the greatest magnitude in Question 1. Then explain with valid evidence and analysis the three components of your asset’s system that are the most critical for securing the asset from that hazard. (8.33%)

b. Vulnerability: Justify your selection of critical components by explaining the loss that can occur should they get attacked both individually and simultaneously. (8.33%)

c. Evidence: List the sources you used in the above answers using proper academic conventions. Specify exactly have you used them in your writing to increase the validity of your conclusions. And explain what makes your sources trustworthy? (8.33%)

3. Risk Analysis

a. Technique: Describe the different options one has for calculating risk, and explain which one is most appropriate for the hazard you selected in Question 2. (12.5%)

b. Risk: Using valid data and historical perspective, estimate the approximate risk to your asset, to include both human and financial perspectives, should each of the three critical components selected in Question 2 get attacked by the selected hazard. (12.5%)

4. Risk Management

a. Best Practice: Explain with valid evidence what the basic strategic approaches are that the MOI should consider to reduce the highest risk assessed in Question 3 to a politically acceptable level in Saudi Arabia. (8.33%)

b. Mitigation: Within these strategic options, explain and justify three specific tactics that should be prioritized for investment by the government of Saudi Arabia. (8.33%)

c. Localization: What are some of the shortcomings that might limit the effectiveness of these three tactics in Saudi society? Recommend some ways to remedy these weaknesses. (8.33%)

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