answer using words like ‘ everyone ’, ‘ always ’ B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

answer using words like ‘ everyone ’, ‘ always ’ B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

he questions I have asked here are not intended to trick you. I am looking to ascertain how well you understand the course material. As such, few of the questions are asking you to simply recite something from a reading. The questions are designed to see if you understand the material not if you can recall the material. I am offering you some guidance, below, on how to approach the midterm – please read it closely:

Be sure that you have included your name and banner number in the footer of the assignment.

Read each question very closely. You have a whole week to complete, at most, an 8-hour midterm. Do not rush things. Most of the questions have more than one question contained within. Make sure you answer all the questions I’ve asked.

I cannot imagine that any of the questions in this midterm can be answered in a few sentences. I would think that most of the questions will need about a page (using 1.5 spacing, 10-11 font and the existing margins) to answer.

Do not make assumptions of the reader (that would be me!). I am well-versed in the course material, but I want you to answer these questions as if you need to provide the reader with all information necessary to support your answer.

You need to reveal your thought process. This is especially important if I ask for your opinion or judgement of something. It is not enough to simply state your opinion. You need to elaborate and explain why you are taking a certain position. The greater your depth of thinking and the more you connect your ideas and positions to course material the stronger the answer.

Please be careful of using absolutes. If there has been a common theme in our class, it’s that there are a lot of differing opinions out in the world. If you provide an answer using words like ‘everyone’, ‘always’ and ‘never’ then your answer is already problematic because without concrete evidence you cannot make broad, sweeping statements.

This style of midterm not the same as writing a midterm in a crunched two-hour window. I am giving you time – your answers should reflect this. Give your answers introductions and conclusions, make sure your thoughts and arguments are well-organized and clear and write in complete sentences (there may be a place for bullet-points, but they should be used sparingly). Be sure to proof-read the midterm before you submit.

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