Annotated Bibliography

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This week, the first step in the process will be to select a topic and collect your research sources. You will present those sources to me in the form of an Annotated Bibliography. I will then review that assignment and give you feedback on your research to help you as you complete your Research Paper. Having all of the research sources organized up front will make it much easier for you to write the paper.

The Annotated Bibliography is the first step in your literary research paper. In order to complete the research paper, you must be sure that you can find an adequate number of scholarly sources to support your claims.

In this assignment, you will present your research sources along with annotations to explain their relevance to your project.

The topic and thesis of your project should be listed at the top of the assignment. You can choose from any of the selections in the Topics for Long Papers category presented in your text on pages 1195-1200.

Then, find at least six scholarly sources that you plan to use as evidence to support your research. Primary sources (the literary texts themselves) should also be listed in your final works cited page and may be listed here, but they do not count toward your total of six critical sources.

Here are two resources for formatting your annotated bibliography that should be helpful:……

Here is a resource on writing a literary paper that may be helpful:…

Here is a resource for evaluating sources that should be useful:…

Utilize these resources along with the Troy Library to complete your annotated bibliography. This is a critical step in preparing your final research paper.

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