anaheim police department training detail hosted L a w

anaheim police department training detail hosted L a w

Assignment Content

  1. Assignment – Watch video and answer questions.

    Your assignment is to watch the simulation training video all the way through. (Also found at website: ).
    Then, return and answer the following questions as you analyze the video a bit more.

    The video is the Anaheim, California’s Police Department’s Citizen’s Use Of Force Class & Police Training Simulator The Anaheim Police Department Training Detail hosted a class for four members of the community to learn about police use of force. In order to experience real life scenarios that police officers are faced with, they had the opportunity to use the police department’s virtual police training simulator.

    Please be sure all answers are cut and pasted into my format below and that you answer in complete sentences.

    1. What were the names and occupations (if given) of the four attendees? Explain one thing they each wanted to gain from the training?


    2. Training simulator system
    a. How does the simulator make it look like a real life incident?
    b. How do they modify the firearms to assist the simulation?
    c. Do they also provide a taser?
    d. How do they increase the stress level for officers when they use the simulator?

    3. What are three benefits of having officers or perspective hires use the simulator for training?

    4. What is de-escalation training?

    5. Shooting on “Green” and stopping on “red”
    a. What time period did each hash mark denote?
    b. For the scenario where Dara shot man in the t-shirt before he saw the gun, when the man turned and ran with the gun, how much time elapsed in total? How many rounds were fired in that same period?

    6. What is police use of force?

    7. Why do police use force?

    8. When can police use deadly force?

    9. Do police have to be aware of others approaching when they are on a scene that is dangerous already? What happened when the white truck arrived at the scene?

    10. Karla at the pick-up truck:
    a. Even though Karla was trying to de-escalate the scene with man in the pick-up truck, what happened?
    b. When the trainer asked her what was going through her mind when she shot the man, what did she say?
    c. What is suicide by cop? Did the man in that scenario create a lethal situation for himself in addition to shooting himself?

    11. Jones at the pick-up truck:
    a. Jones was trying to de-escalate the scene and it worked. Was there anything different he did than Karla did? Was the outcome primarily in the control of the suspect or the officer in those scenarios? Explain.

    12. What lessons did Mo Miller say she learned from the training?

    13. What lessons did Dara Maleki say he learned from the training?

    14. What lessons did Karla Benitez say she learned from the training?

    15. What lessons did Paul Jones say he learned from the training?

    16. What lessons did you learn from watching the training? Did you feel calm or nervous when watching the scenarios?

    17. List any questions you have regarding force that were not answered in this training and I will address them in our discussions in class.

    Submit your assignment.