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also covered many diverse methods H u m a n i t i e s

Juxtaposed photo content. Art 103.

WARNING– The Napalm Bombing photo from the Vietnam War may be offensive to some. If you have issues with the horrors of war please skip the photo examples at the bottom and focus on the assignment’s written text below.

In module 4 we ran through 50,000 years of art history in a week. Light years. Module 5 spent time with the physical choices of producing art works, in the business we refer to it as “2d, 3d and multimedia/new genre”. This also covered many diverse methods of art production in those categories. One of the biggest changes took place in the history part of module four when the author ran through the history of the invention of photography and the subsequent aftermath- within decades it began to put an and to the centuries old practice of portrait making. And photos could be reproduced in mass. In our lives now – 2d photo images have been inserted into all aspects of life. Predominately advertising. There have been more photos taken and shared via cell phone in the last decade since the invention of the camera. So for you assignment I want you to take a couple pictures, make one, find on the internet, collage, fabricate or assemble in any fashion you feel suits your needs, two images that juxtapose each other. I picked two and am posting them for an example for you. To deconstruct my picks- one is of the napalm bombing in Vietnam of a little nude girl,( a horrific photo seen around the world, (Also not the power of a photo as a social political tool) known as the Napalm Girl Photo. The process in choosing the counter or opposite photo was simple – I searched Google for something that was the opposite. A child hugging a teddy bear. Formally they are also juxtaposed in that the first is a black and white news photo shot for Life Magazine, The other is a warm, staged color, personal photograph. Those ideas are a juxtaposition. Yours does not need to follow my example. Your photos can be juxtaposed formally by color, shapes or styles of abstraction. Just so you are aware, in our day and age content seems to get the most attention. Your first instinct and choice is usually the best one. Go with it. Have fun. You don’t have to be as dramatic as the ones I posted. I put those two together to illustrate the point. Subtle opposite content also works.

1. Child with large teddy bear


2. Napalm Bombing

Napalm_girl Viatnam War..jpg

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