also answer theevery president since george washington W r i t i n g

also answer theevery president since george washington W r i t i n g

Before you can write your own movie review, you’ll want to read at least to determine their purpose is and what makes a good one.

Please read this movie review on Us . (Links to an external site.)

Then, fill out this worksheet about the movie review to further your understanding of the genre.

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Every president since George Washington (1789) has given an inaugural address (Links to an external site.) when they assume the U.S. presidency. As you know, Joe Biden will be inaugurated next Wednesday, on January 20th, as president of the United States.

For our second paper, we will be evaluating Mr. Biden’s inaugural address. In preparation for this paper, we will as a class on this discussion board determine criteria by which to judge this upcoming address.

  • I would like each of you to share three things (3 points) that you think creates a “good” inauguration address.

    • These criteria could include things like striking a particular tone or tones (which are? and why do you think such a tone would be appropriate?)

    • Recognizing the events of the last four years

    • Laying out plans/hopes/vision for the next four years

    • Appealing to certain (all?) audiences aka American citizens, etc.

If you want help to come up with your three criteria, you can look at past inauguration speeches and deciding what they did well or poorly. There are the famous ones of history, such as JFK’s (Links to an external site.)or Lincoln’s (Links to an external site.), as well as recent ones like Obama’s (Links to an external site.) and Trump’s (Links to an external site.). I would like you to try to take your own feelings toward the president– past or incoming– out of the equation and instead focus on the quality (or lack thereof) of the speech itself as you come up with your criteria.

Those are two separate paper

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