accepting sex without romantic love W r i t i n g

accepting sex without romantic love W r i t i n g

Relationships Today Refer to Text and Personal Experiences

1.There are many licenses one must have for various reasons. One must have a license to drive a vehicle. Should parents have to obtain a license to have children? Why or why not? Please give 3 reasons for and 3 reasons against the idea.

After this assignment, please consider what would be the requirements if one had to get a license to have children. What would be the requirement in order to get the license?

2.How would you define a” bad “parent? How would you define a “good” parent. Provide four concrete answers for each adjective.

3. What qualities do you look for in a mate? Choose three. Why are these areas important to you? What do you feel are your three best qualities?

4. What areas in a relationship are important to you? What are you willing to compromise on? What areas do you feel strongly about and would have difficulty making a compromise on? These are personal and accepted as a meaningful tool to learn about others feelings and thoughts about the subject. Refer to your text.

5. Refer to your text for supportive references. Has contemporary society or culture gone too far in accepting sex without romantic love? Do you agree? Disagree? Why or why not? Provide answers for both viewpoints.

6.Do you feel people expect too much emotional satisfaction from a cohabitation partner or spouse? Who is responsible for happiness? What should one expect from a partner? How should one prepare for a relationship? There are four parts to this answer.

7.Are benefits such as family leave or tax credits for childcare unfair to workers without children? Pros & Cons Refer to Chapter 14.

8.Would feelings between a couple change based on how they see housework, childcare, and other expectations as well as role changes throughout time? How might these feelings change? Good and bad.

Overall Evaluation: Should couples answer these prior to making a commitment? How early should or at what age should one consider some of these issues? What are your thoughts about these questions? These issues were all addressed in our text. Application and processing of information is critical to any course. It is an honor to learn from others based on experience, gender, age, culture and belief. One does not have to agree or disagree but to learn and understand the values, beliefs and feelings of others in order to gain more insight into personal reasons for how you believe.

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