academic source .—————————————- textbook readings —————————————- jones H u m a n i t i e s

academic source .—————————————- textbook readings —————————————- jones H u m a n i t i e s

Discussion Board Forum 3 – Thread – ETHC 101 Introduction to Ethics

Module/Week 5 — Ethics of Life and Death Part 1 – Abortion and Euthanasia


Topic: Ethical Application

Thread: First, choose an issue in applied ethics that greatly interests you. You may choose any of the following topics covered in the assigned readings from our Biblical Ethics textbook:

  • Abortion; Biomedical Issues (IVF, Stem Cell Research, etc.); Capital Punishment; Church-State Relations; Economics; Environment; Euthanasia; Just War; LGBTQ Issues; Marriage & Family; Healthcare; Political Engagement; Poverty; Racism and Race Issues; Sexual Ethics

Second, based on the ethical theory you defended in DB 2, formulate an ethical application on this specific issue in a 500-600 word thread. You are expected to use both textbooks and outside academic sources to support your analysis and argument. As you write your thread, consider the following steps:

  1. If you are a Christian, formulate an application to this issue based on a Christian ethical theory. If you are not a Christian, you may formulate an application based on whatever ethical theory you think is strongest (i.e., the theory you defended in DB 2).
  2. Briefly describe a strong counterargument to your own position and respond to it. For now, keep it brief (no more than one paragraph). In the Capstone Essay, you will have more room to elaborate.

You are expected to cite at least one academic source in your DB threads and replies. These sources would include course textbooks, books, journal articles, periodicals, and similar publications. Sources such as Wikipedia and online dictionaries do not count as academic sources and should not be used. Biblical references are encouraged but will not count as an academic source.


Textbook Readings


  • Jones: ch. 10
  • McQuilkin and Copan: CHS. 22-23


Reading & Study materials – (I don’t know if these links will work for you or not.)

Moral Reasoning: An Intentional Approach to Distinguishing Right from Wrong – Author: Jones – 9781524946562 – Chapter Ten: Application: The Abortion Debate

An Introduction to Biblical Ethics: Walking in the Way of Wisdom – ProQuest eBook

An Introduction to Biblical Ethics – Chapter 22

An Introduction to Biblical Ethics – Chapter 23


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