abstract cannot exceed 150 words .+ topic relevance H u m a n i t i e s

abstract cannot exceed 150 words .+ topic relevance H u m a n i t i e s

This class is Political and Economy in Southeast Asia… I already did part 1 and 2 which were choosing topic + presentation and proposal for this term paper. Anything in this paper must relate to political and economy in Southeast Asia… Please note that there are only 11 countries in Southeast Asia region. I picked Laos for my topic and I also attached the presentation + proposal below please check. Note that you can draw comparison between Southeast Asia countries. I also attached the template for the term paper, you must read carefully the template because it has tips to write an effective essay for this class and must follow exact font, size, style in the template.

The term paper is the most important component of this course. The topics are open. You can write on whatever topics that interest you. However, the topics must be related to political economy issues in Southeast Asia (broadly defined). The papers may focus on a specific country, a group of selected countries, or the region as a whole.

The main text of each paper must be strictly less than 12 pages (use attached template for your paper). A good length for this paper is range from 10 to 12 pages. Tables, charts, pictures, and other supplementary information can be added to the appendix and do not count toward the page limit.

The paper must have an abstract, presented at the beginning. The abstract must summarize the main idea of the paper. In particular, the abstract must answer all of the following three questions: (1) what is the research question of this paper? (2) what is the research method you use to answer that question? (3) what is the answer to that question? The abstract cannot exceed 150 words.

+ Topic relevance and clear idea: You have to be clear about your research question, i.e., what you want to explore and answer. You have to convince readers why your paper is interesting, important, and relevant, i.e., why they should read your paper. You have to deliver a clear message on what the paper is about. If the readers are left unclear about what you try to say after reading the paper, then the paper is not clear. Good introduction and good conclusion are necessary, but also make sure that the whole paper is coherent, flows well, and is not confusing.

+ Reasonable arguments: Your arguments must be logical. For example, if you claim that excess demand leads to lower prices, that is not generally logical. If that is in fact the case, explain why it is so. Likewise, if you claim that more corruption leads to more private investment, make sure to explain why. Finally, if you would like to explain some findings or stylized facts, try to think about alternative explanations, and explain why your argument is preferred to the alternatives.

+ Contribution: Make sure the readers know what your contributions are. Copying ideas from other sources without putting your own analytical thinking and arguments into the paper will not give you high score in this category (even when you provide appropriate citations and references). Posting new questions, presenting new findings, or making your own opinions and arguments give you higher scores.

Please use the following template for your final term paper:

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