__emma miller angela pedrotti english 1101 1 october 2021 journal 5 wongs W r i t i n g

__emma miller angela pedrotti english 1101 1 october 2021 journal 5 wongs W r i t i n g

I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

This is the essay about and then the example below

The instructions :

Log into Poets.Org and write your journal entry here for full points.

Read the assigned poems below and share your 75-100 word response to each poem.

Wong’s “Mama, Come Back”

Wordsworth’s “The Daffodils”

Hayden’s “Those Winter Sundays”

Herrera’s “@ the Crossroads—A Sudden American Poem”

Ossip’s “Go”

Your response to the poem should include your feelings, your thoughts, and your reaction to it. You can quote a favorite line and think about how your own life might relate to the themes presented in the poem. Does it remind you of anyone or anything or a time in your life? Do you see any connections between the poems? Highlight those connections.


And this is the example :


Emma Miller

Angela Pedrotti

English 1101

1 October 2021

Journal 5

Wongs “Mama, Come Back”

In “Mama, Come Back” he writes about all the things he remembers about his mom after she is gone. This makes me think about all the insignificant things you do not think about until someone is gone, and you only have memories of them left. The theme of the poem is clearly about how he misses his mom and wishes she were still there to do all the things they used to do together.

Wordsworth’s “The Daffodils”

I did not really understand this poem. When I think of clouds I think of hundreds of clouds together in the sky, all shapes, and sizes. Over and over in this poem it says “as lonely as a cloud” which is weird to me. It also says “as continuous as a star shining” which is also not what I think of because you can’t see a star shining during the day just at night.

Hayden’s “Those Winter Sundays”

I did not really understand this poem either. I took away from it that is father was a hard worker and people did not thank him enough for his challenging work during the week and weekends. This also makes me think he wakes up and starts the fire to keep the house warm, but I feel like that’s not what the writer is trying to say. The father seems like a considerate person making the house warm before he wakes the kids up.

Herreras “@ The Crossroads-A sudden American Poem”

This poem is about the deaths of police officers and how we all go right back to our daily lives like nothing happened after big incidents like this one. It also talks about the people who protested for what they believed. Recently I thought police brutality and protests have been going on more than they ever have before. This poem is about recent reality and should be talked about more, police officers risk their lives each shift to help strangers, truly peaceful protests for either side should be allowed if they are not hurting anyone or damaging property.

Ossips “Go”

I did not understand this poem a bit. In the beginning it was talking about the basic needs of life like water and oxygen then it started talking about some of the most random things like hotel pools, walnuts, pavement and evil. I wish the author would have explained what “it” is because I do not have enough clues or context to guess what “it” is. This poem is interesting to me because it is so confusing so now, I want to know what other people got from it and what the author meant when he was writing it.

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