_____ emma miller angela pedrotti english 1101 11 october 2021 journal 6 shakespeare W r i t i n g

_____ emma miller angela pedrotti english 1101 11 october 2021 journal 6 shakespeare W r i t i n g

This is the essay and the example below:

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Read the assigned poems below and share your 75-100 word response to each poem — post here before class time. 

Shakespeare’s “Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds”

St. Vincent Millay’s “I Shall Forget You Presently My Dear”

Wright’s “A Blessing”  

Arnold’s “Dover Beach” and

Clark’s “800 Days: Libation”

Your response to the poem should include your feelings, your thoughts, and your reaction to it. You can quote a favorite line and think about how your own life might relate to the themes presented in the poem. Does it remind you of anyone or anything or a time in your life? Do you see any connections between the poems? Highlight those connections.


Emma Miller  

Angela Pedrotti  

English 1101  

11 October 2021 

                                                                                     Journal 6  

Shakespeare’s “Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds” 

When I read “Let Me Not To The Marriage of True Minds”, it made me think Shakespeare is writing about how love is not actually what it seems like. Love does not change with time if you really love someone. When it says, “love’s not time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks” With age rosy lips and cheeks change but the love for them should not. It describes how someone ages, but love should not age or change. Personally for me Shakespeare’s writing is always hard to read because it is not written how we read now.  

St. Vincent Millay’s “I Shall Forget You Presently My Dear” 

“I Shall Forget You Presently My Dear” is clearly written to her lover. She writes about cherishing every moment no matter how small it is when she says,  
“So, make the most of this your little day, your little month, your little half year”. It seems like she will be in love with him no matter what he does. She  says “If you in entreat me with your loveliest lie I will protect you will my favorite vow” when I read that it sounds like even if you lie to me I will still marry you. I like this poem, but I do not particularly agree with her.  

Wright’s “A Blessing”  

“A Blessing” goes in depth about two friends who climbed over the barb wire into the pasture where two lonely horses were grazing. The horses came over to them happy to see someone, he describes the horse’s skin as feeling the same as the skin on a girl’s wrist. The barb wire they had to climb over to get to the horses with “darken kindness” eyes might resemble the guard a girl may have up that you have to work over to find her kindness and true self. I’m confused if he is actually comparing horses to a girl but that’s what it seems like to me. 

Arnolds “Dover Beach” 

“Dover Beach“has such great discription about the waves and beach you dont even have to have an imagination to see what he is seeing because he paints such a great picture. His imagery is so great he even describes what th waves sound like. Aronld says the waves bring in sadness in the line, “and bring the eternal note of sadness in” which doesn’t make sense to me because I think of waves as calming. Overall this poem has great imagery but I don’t really understand the poems theme or meaning.  

Clarks “800 Days: Libation” 

“800 Days Libation” is about the sorrow she has for the colored people who have been mistreated. The sorrow is described as rain, “It rained inside me its raining inside my neck the rain falls in sheet inside long sheets inside all the rain is falling inside collaspsing spit” After reading this poem I want to look up Kaileif to better understand it. “Your body made bodiless” really stood out to me, a deep way to say they were killed.

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