7 sentences per paragraph response posts must B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

7 sentences per paragraph response posts must B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

For this DB, you will make (1) an initial post about the week’s material on nonverbal communication based on the questions below and then (2) 2 posts responding to posts made by your classmates. You must post your initial comments by 2:30 PM on Tuesday November 3rd. You must post responses to your classmates by November 5 by 11:59pm.

In your initial post, you must answer #1 and at least one other question listed.

Initial posts must be at least 6 paragraphs long (3 paragraphs for each question), each with at least 6-7 sentences per paragraph Response posts must be at least one paragraph long, with at least 6-7 sentences.

ALWAYS offer evidence for the points you are making. Make sure to define the terms you are discussing.

You must post your initial comment before you can respond to your classmates’ posts.

Please strive to make your posts thoughtful and meaningful. My assessment of your work will be based upon the seriousness and depth of your application of and critical engagement with course material as well as your ability to engage with your classmates in conversation.

Please write clearly. Spelling and grammar also count.

Here are the questions:

#1 REQUIRED. In his article about the American Dental Dream, Nathan Hodges discusses the impact of the cultural ideal of perfect white teeth. What is the American Dental Dream? What is the main point Hodges is making? How does he use his own experience to illustrate his ideas? Do you agree with him? Why or why not? Has this ideal impacted your own sense of self? Why or why not?


#2. How important do you think nonverbal attractiveness is in your romantic relationships? Why? What do you consider to be nonverbally attractive? Nonverbally unattractive? Where do these ideas come from? What other factors beyond nonverbal attractiveness do you think are important to consider when choosing a mate? Do you think gender is a factor in assessing attractiveness?

#3. How has COVID-19 changed your sense of the personal, intimate, social and public spaces that Hall describes? Have your boundaries changed as a result of COVID? In particular, how has COVID had an impact on touching and your need for it? How do you feel when folks do not honor your boundaries? What do you do?

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