6th edition guidelines include times new roman W r i t i n g

6th edition guidelines include times new roman W r i t i n g

Part 1

discuss how change is difficult or easy in higher education, as compared to other types of organizations. Be sure to support your thought processes with cited sources.

Part 2

Identify a current issue affecting a college or university, as written in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, etc. Discuss the role that shared governance plays in how that situation is being addressed or handled. Additionally, what are the unique aspects of a college environment that needs to be taken into account before trying to resolve it? (For example, using this article on a bill in the Iowa legislature required this week, one could identify state politics, shared governance issues, academic freedom/tenure, etc.)

Part 3

in this week’s discussion board forum, discuss what you think the entering class of 2025 will look like in terms of ability level, diversity, focus, etc. Remember to focus on undergraduate students in more “traditional college,” which is not to say that the students will be (or will not be) traditional in the sense of the word.

Part 4

Over the past two weeks, we have been discussing higher education governance and structure. In order to be able to understand change in higher education, as well as how and why leadership and administrations functions as it does, it is important to understand how colleges are structured. To that end, this assignment is designed to enable you to be able to apply what you have learned by examining two different institutions and comparing their governance structures. The goal of this assignment is to identify the similarities and differences between the two types of systems and ultimately, in so doing, to be able to understand how decisions are made.

For this assignments, research two different institutions- preferably one public and one private, from the same state, not necessarily Connecticut, and compare their governance structures.

The paper MUST have the following elements, which would best be addressed via headings.

  • Introduction
  • Institution      One Snapshot (demographics, location, organizational structure, etc.)
  • Institution      Two Snapshot (demographics, location, organizational structure, etc.)
  • Similarities      (senior leadership, faculty senate, policy development, reporting      structure, etc.)
  • Differences      (senior leadership, faculty senate, policy development, governing board      composition, reporting structure, etc.)
  • Analysis      (what do these structures indicate about the decision making process at      the institution in terms of curriculum, policy, budget, etc.
  • Summary

The final paper must be between 3-5 pages (no more or less, not including cover page and reference page). Please ensure that the paper conforms to standard APA, 6th edition guidelines include Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced, appropriate running head, title page, and headings.

Part 5

discuss how the landscape of higher education, specifically in terms of sexual assault prevention compliance, has changed. You may want/need to pull in additional resources, but the goal is to compare the language in the two letters and what are the noted differences, if any.

Part 6

discuss what role the federal and state governments play in higher education administration. How do you think it is helpful or hindering? Be sure to share your thought processes.

Part 7

Reflect on the organization in which you currently work (or, if you are not currently working, the most recent organization of which you were a part). How would you describe the climate as compared to the culture? Thinking in terms of organizational change- how does one move forward with changing the climate and culture of an organization? Which is easier?

Part 8

Throughout this course, one of the themes that has been presented is the importance of federal, and state, compliance in higher education administration. Being able to effectively lead and govern means being able to understand compliance issues and, at the same time, ensure that the right people are maintaining the letter and spirit of these laws. As new laws and requirements come into play, this is not a small task.

For this assignments, research an area of compliance- either on the state or federal level (including ones discussed in this course) and develop a presentation that provides an overview of the law as well as how a specific organization of your choosing is complying with said law, status of their efforts, and recommendations for the institution.

The 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation MUST include the following elements:

  • Introductory      slide
  • Overview      of the area of compliance
  • Brief      description of institution
  • Status      of compliance in this area (use data and facts to support statements)
  • Recommendations      for the institution as it directly relates to this area of compliance.

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