6 page case study essay addressing H u m a n i t i e s

6 page case study essay addressing H u m a n i t i e s

Choose one of the scenarios below and write a 5 – 6 page case study essay addressing:

  • The 12 Core Functions and 46 Global Criteria retrievable at https://health.hawaii.gov/substance-abuse/files/2013/05/csac-corefunctions1.pdf
  • address all components that are applicable to the case study you choose.
  • You may also want to review the TAP 21 Addiction Counseling Competencies: The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice PDF retrievable at https://store.samhsa.gov/system/files/sma12-4171.pdf for guidance on any additional points you feel need to be addressed in your essay.
  • Organize the main content of your essay to follow the headings found in the 12 core functions and 46 global criteria pdf document.
  • At least 3 peer referred/scholarly references required.

This essay should be in APA format grammar, spelling and quality will influence your grade.

Select from one of the following scenarios:

Scenario #1: Dave

Dave is a 55-year-old surgeon who is a member of a prominent local group practice. Dave prides himself on the hard work it took to reach his level of success. He grew up in a lower middle-class family with five brothers and sisters. Dave’s father was a skilled laborer who never made much money. Dave’s mother was a stay at home mom who adored her children.

Dave met and married his wife, Samantha, soon after completing his residency. Samantha worked as a registered nurse for the first few years of their marriage but gave up her career when she became pregnant with their first child. She has stayed home ever since. They now have two grown children who have families of their own. Their oldest daughter, Brooke, recently went through a divorce and has come to live with Dave and Samantha. Brooke has three children ranging in age from 3 years old to 9 years old who will also be living in the family home.

Early in Dave’s career, he made friends with other young professionals that tended to live fast and seemed to have unlimited money for new cars, houses, food, and drugs. Soon Dave found himself enjoying alcohol, cocaine, and prescription medications as recreational vehicles to relaxation and fun. His lifestyle never caused him issue until recently when he was being sued for negligence. Dave was high when he performed a standard procedure on an elderly woman who lost her life on the operating table. An investigation was open into what happened. Dave’s co-workers began to come forward with tales of Dave’s unpredictable, and sometimes bizarre behavior. His drinking and drug use were revealed through the investigation. The chief medical examiner requested that Dave complete a drug and alcohol program as a stipulation to keeping his license and position with the practice. He realizes that he has a problem and welcomes the opportunity to get help.

Scenario #2: Mary

Mary is a 30-year-old single mother of two who was recently referred to the clinic after being arrested for possession. She has been ordered to complete a treatment program. Her two children were placed into foster care awaiting Mary’s successful completion of her program.

Mary grew up in a rough neighborhood of a very large city. She was the oldest of two children born to her biological mother and father but was just one of thirteen children born to her parents overall. Mary grew up with five siblings in the home. Her father had eight other children from different women. Mary’s father has never been a part of her life and she has had a turbulent relationship with her mother. Her mother kicked her out of the family home at the age of 14 and has not spoken to her since. Both of Mary’s parents, several aunts and uncles, many siblings, and her grandfathers on both sides of the family are alcoholic as well as active drug abusers. There is no known history of mental illness in her family but her paternal grandmother and an aunt on her mother’s side committed suicide.

Mary has been in several abusive relationships. She is most currently involved with Larry. Larry is abusive to Mary and to her children but she claims she loves him and wants to stay with him. She believes the abuse isn’t intentional and usually only happens when Larry is using. She contends that this is the best relationship she has ever had.

Mary’s trouble with drugs and alcohol began very early in life. She was given her first drink at the age of ten by an uncle who wanted to keep her quiet about a party he wanted to attend. She began smoking marijuana at thirteen and then graduated to harder substance after she was kicked out of the house. She has used meth, heroin, crack cocaine, and a variety of prescription medications. She has learned to survive by depending on the people in her social circle who are also very deep into using drugs and alcohol. Mary has a very unstable employment record. She did not complete high school. She often resorts to drug dealing as a way to support herself and her children. Mary doesn’t believe that there is a different way to live since living in a “drug culture” is all she has ever known.

Scenario #3: Joey

Joey is a 15-year-old boy who was admitted to a psychiatric unit following an apparent suicide attempt. Joey had taken a lethal dose of ibuprofen the night before. His parents, Bob and Nancy, found him on the bathroom floor when they return from a night out. Joey has a history of slicing his arms and legs with a razor. He also admitted to using marijuana on a daily basis and drinking to the point of intoxication on the weekends. Upon release from the psychiatric unit, Joey is required to complete a treatment program.

As a child, Joey was bight and did very well in school. He always got along with his friends but his relationship with his parents had become stormy within the last few years. His parents describe him as the most difficult of their three children. Joey’s older sister left for college in the fall and his younger brother just finished middle school.

By the time he was in middle school, Joey was hanging out with a group of counterculture kids who skipped school to smoke marijuana, shoplift, and disparage the values of their parents and teachers. Joey did well in school despite his social group until last year when his grades began to drop. He got in trouble for mouthing off to teachers and was suspended twice last year. This year he has been truant more days then he has been in school. His drug use has escalated. He and his friends have used whatever drug they could get hold of – LSD, marijuana, glue, alcohol, mushrooms, ecstasy, and meth.

He denies wanting to end his life. He tells the following story: He and his friends were dropping acid one night. When his friends left, he thought he heard a police siren. He became paranoid about getting caught and being arrested so he thought if he took a large dose of ibuprofen the police would take him to the hospital instead of jail. The problem really came when there were no police officers present to discover him sooner. He denies being depressed, but says that his life is pointless.

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