5 people brings forth many moral H e a l t h M e d i c a l

5 people brings forth many moral H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Post A:

My duty as a nurse is to advocate for the patient at all times. If my patient is in a sound mind without being medically incapacitated, the patient has the right to make that decision regardless of what the family recommends.

Understanding the provisions included in the ANA’s ethical handbook are vital in the field of nursing. Our duties include interacting with patients and their families, and it requires a set of guidelines that aid in not only respecting the rights of the patient, but also as the nurse. This topic also acts a form of accountability for each nurse in the profession.

By utilizing Dr. Sandel’s example about whether one should save five lives or one is a perfect example to analyze what is right or wrong from a moral and ethical standpoint. Morally speaking, one could argue that killing either member on the side of the tracks would be wrong, while ethically, sparing the five individuals would be correct given the circumstances. These two elements have the ability to overlap one another in certain contexts.

In regards to provision 1 found in the American Nurses Association handbook, that emphasizes showing compassion and respect to each person, I intend on remaining aware of why showing compassion in the field of nursing is so important. Compassion also includes empathy that allows the patient to become comfortable with me while treating and helping them reach their optimal level of health.

Post B:

I will try to ask questions to the daughter to find out why she is arguing with the patient. My role would be to help resolve the argument and explain to the daughter what the patient’s wishes are. Sometimes answering questions helps the family member to have a perspective on the whole picture. According to provision 1 of the Code of Ethics, the patient has the right to decide what is done to their own body (Code of Ethics, 2015). I value the quality of life and believe that if you are terminal and decide that you are ready to go that is your choice.

The ANA deemed this topic as critical for inclusion based on the necessity for each nurse to know their role and responsibility. There are some values and opinions that are recommended as professionals, but these are areas that are mandated to hold all nurses to the same standard (Code of Ethics, 2015).

Using Dr. Sandel’s example of veering the trolley train down an alternative track to only kill 1 person instead of 5 people brings forth many moral and ethical statements. Morals are more like a whole society; this is what we are taught is right or wrong. Ethics shows your individual character. Choosing to turn the train down a different path seems morally right to only kill 1 person instead of 5 people, but ethically we must make that decision if we are in control of the situation. The other examples he used about pushing a man onto the track to stop the train seem more ethically wrong because that is an act of killing versus a tragic accident happening.

I could improve my practice of nursing using the provision of collaboration. Effective communication between coworkers and other health professionals can create a better outcome for the patient. Collaborating with different members of the health team helps each member to take part in their plan of care.