5 forces • strategy • finance • human resources • information technology • operations • marketing project purpose B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

5 forces • strategy • finance • human resources • information technology • operations • marketing project purpose B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

It is recommended that you include sections listed on the proposal template that are not indicated as optional. In addition, based on the questions posed to you by the business owner, it is recommended that you use the questions as guidance for headings in your proposal/report. As mentioned during class, you may go deeper into some sections and provide higher level overview for others. Also, some questions could be combined for ease of your preparation. For example, questions for slides 10 and 11. Also slide 17 contains a summary of questions for focus. Items 3-6 relate to business model, items 7-9 and 12 to marketing strategy, 10 and 11 to risks and mitigation. So it is likely best to incorporate aspects of each of the questions listed on the preceeding slides.

For example, you might include the following sections:
Business model and funding
Marketing strategy and customer segments
Risks and Mitigation, Managing resistance from change managers (see previous question on slides)
Key Activities/Action Plan for next 6 months

So based on the template and the sections in your proposal/report it might look like this:

TITLE PAGE includes all names of team members, course number, submitted to professor, date

COVER LETTER TO CLIENT see sample proposal format posted on course site

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  complete this last after you have finished the proposal, highlight key features of the proposal – key activities, anticipated outcomes, benefits


INTRODUCTION TO THE SITUATION/UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEEDS demonstrate your understanding of the business situation, their business needs and the purpose of your proposal, proposal objectives

OUR CONSULTING TEAM identify the members of your team, their background and qualifications for this project and their proposed role in the project

KEY FINDINGS  Prepare Porter’s 5 Forces analysis or you may also include the SWOT analysis or another tool as appropriate. If this section is lengthy, summarize and place the detailed analysis in an appendix.




Human Resources  

Information Technology      



PROJECT PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES Identify what the project entails, the purpose, intended outcomes and benefits to client organization.

APPROACH & METHODOLOGY  The approach should indicate to the client how you propose to undertake the project based on the requirements of the business owner to achieve project objectives and outcomes; the methodology will indicate what you have recommended to achieve including the key activities over the next 6 months key deliverables (what you propose will be produced) with high level workplan and timeline for project activities and deliverables over next 6 months.


Identify the options you are recommending based on your analysis and other research and include information provided by client. Identify customer segments, identify potential markets, and channel strategies. Identify pros/cons, potential risks, issues with options.

Provide a final recommendation to the client for the preferred option based on your analysis of each option. You can refer to Porter’s 5 Forces (optional) as listed below or identify risks/issues/pros/cons of your options in considering the best option based on the needs of the client and improving their growth and position in the market.

•             Strategy             

•             Finance

•             Human Resources          

•             Information Technology              

•             Operations        

•             Marketing         

The following may be considered for managing resistance with change managers/organizations (listed above)

CHANGE READINESS ASSESSMENT               Kotter’s 8 step process   OPTIONAL

Add this to your final analysis if there is a significant change required. Consider, how ready is this client organization to undertake the recommended actions? What do you propose to client to ensure that the recommended plan of action is successful? Consider all of the following steps in Kotter’s process.

Establishing a Sense of Urgency

Forming a Powerful Guiding Coalition            

Creating a Vision            

Communicating the Vision         

Empowering Others to Act on the Vision          

Planning for and Creating Short-Term Wins        

Consolidating Improvements and Producing still More Change              

Institutionalizing New Approaches     
Note-10 pages excluding cover page,references,appendix.Can use APA references.

Slide 17 synopsis from Sukant presentation

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