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The distinction is useful because although both leadership and management serve to advance the organization forward, the manager provides a more tactical/operations role in managing people while leadership provides a set of behaviors that people can model. For example, a manager can practice effective delegation and lead with empathy to understand the needs of people in order to move forward. I believe being a servant leaders provides the right mix of coaching and leadership in order for employees to develop their strengths and feel respected for the work they do.

2.) Myers talk brought out many points that continue to bring out many uncomfortable conversations, but often don’t go far enough to create the change we need. For years and years, companies have done unconscious bias training. Somehow that shows just how open and unbiased a company is when it still lets a toxic culture exist. Diversity recruiting puts a number to the number of women and people of color that are interviewed but fails to ensure that an individual will be supported and successful for who they’re able to be in the long term, not just representing a minority. How many women and people of color are represented all the way to the C-suite? As an OD practitioner, I need to ensure that biases are recognized and to create a plan of action that goes beyond an Unconscious Bias workshop. It truly is not ok to accept bias, unconscious or not.


I appreciated this talk on leadership. This approach is refreshing in that it’s not about getting to a position and considering being a leader as an end result. Following the talk on authenticity, combined with the need to have communication rather than directives is an insightful concept. Communication although complex, is so important to building relationships within an organization thus “giving meaning to people within everyday activity.” I have been fortunate to experience leaders that utilize micro-practices that Patricia refers to. For me this was very effective. This leader would engage our team on a personal level making sure we had an overall understanding of the why. They were open to feedback, questions and conversation. This allowed our team a space where there’s an overall feeling of ideas and opinions being understood. Collectively it helped create a synergystic direction of the team helping us to achieve our goals.

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The democratic approach allows for all voice to be heard, and that is what is so important currently. How do you imagine an organization that truly embraces the democratic approach being able to be agile?


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