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Assignment: Make a Decision Tree

What is decision tree? A decision tree is a good way to think about an organize factors that would influence a specific decision. They are also useful for tracing patterns and pathways that might lead to a certain kind of decision.

Let’s think about making a decision on something in your life – where to go to on vacation, whether or not to call your mom about her latest doctor’s appointment, how many bananas to buy in order to eat them before they get too ripe. When you are trying to make decisions like these, you are already conducting and forming a decision tree in your mind.

In this activity, you will map a decision using a decision tree.

First, please find something important happened to you as the topic of your decision tree. Please note, I am not asking how you made your decision in every step of the decision tree. Instead, I want you to think about, when the same topic is presented to others, what paths they would follow? Since different people can easily have different choices, you need to find as many alternatives as you can, in this case, the alternatives are the “tree branches” of the decision tree.

Second, after you have a topic, define the first decision you will have to make. Draw it out on a large piece of paper. Label the top square to represent the decision. Next, draw out lines for each possible answer, and write that answer along the line. Keep spacing between lines so that you can expand your thoughts.

Third, review your possible answers and outline what decision a user will have to make if he/she choose the first possible answer, then what is the next decision a user will make? Repeat this step for each possible answer.

Fourth, continue to “grow” your decision tree. If you get to a spot where nothing happens, that “branch” of the tree is finished.

Last, if you believe you cannot expand the decision tree any larger, take a picture of your tree and write a 200 – 300 words description about your decision tree.


The assignment is posted above. I want to make a few notes to it.

1.Please read all the attached files, so that you can see several examples of decision tree and get a clearer understanding about what is a decision tree.

2.Please do as the assignment required and draw your decision tree on a large piece of paper and take picture of it, and write a 200 – 300 words description.

3.What you basically need to do is find a major topic and map all the possible alternatives on every steps of the way. You will get a better understanding after you read all the examples and files.

4.I captured the webpage as a pdf file so you can read it offline, but here is the web link in case you need it.