2 different student post .. L a w

2 different student post .. L a w

Research the types of crime most common in your area.

Provide some statistics to show which are most common, and explain which theory you feel aligns with this type of activity.

  • Why do you feel this theory is appropriate?
  • How would you address the issue?
  • then these are 2 different student post.. you must agree or disagree and add on to what they said.respond in 50 words each,
  • 1)
    i live in San Leandro, California. In my city the most common crimes are assaults and theft. San Leandro is right next to Oakland, Oakland is the second highest crime rated city in California. First highest crime city is Emeryville. Emeryville is close by Oakland which is the next town over. The percentage of crime we have for theft is 26%. The percentage or crime we have for assault is 80%. I have a few friends who work in the San Leandro or Oakland district for my job and there is always problems happening, mostly theft and the criminals walk out like it’s nothing are so comfortable doing it. One of my co workers was assaulted by a someone in San Leandro and they hit her with a pipe and broke her hand. About a year ago there was a theft in my store a little down the way from San Leandro and the guy stealing flashed his gun to a manager so we wouldn’t stop him. The crime is so high because of the area, it’s a low income city. They have been trying to fix up the roads and they have been making homes more expensive to rent so people who aren’t able to afford to live in San Leandro move to Oakland. 

2)I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and at the beginning of my studies, I was very surprised by the crime rate here. As a transient from Los Angeles, California it did not personally feel as bad as the statistics say. According to the FBI Nevada has the 9th highest rate of violent crimes and it ranks 5th in its rate of murder and non-negligent manslaughter. What if very shocking is Nevada has the 3rd highest rate of motor vehicle theft. I believe the social structure theory best aligns as the societal, financial, and social structures in my city, in particular, have a huge effect on crime. A huge portion of the community works for the service industry and in the casinos where their labor is heavily exploited. The workers who keep the city going and thriving are not paid living pages and are overworked. Being a resident of what they call the “Historic Westside” I have done a lot of personal research on the history and the structure of the area dates back to segregation. The Black community made this area what it is and continues to occupy and thrive in these historical homes and businesses. The progress of this community was heavily delayed and corrupted by the city. The city was working on completely cutting off this community from the thriving business of downtown (old las vegas) by closing off connecting streets. They also hindered business growth and only allowed churches and liquor stores to be opened. The community fought the city and stopped the street cut-offs to keep them connected to the strip.

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