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The purpose of this paper is to explore, Action Research through a human service issue. Stinger (2017) explains that action research is an organized approach to exploration that allows people to find effective resolutions to problems that endure in everyday life. Action research strives to connect the complicated dynamics immersed in any societal context. 

The act of action research uses a series of investigative designs to uncover reliable answers to concerns and dilemmas experienced in specific situations. The issues and problems can occur in localized settings, providing how people in schools, businesses, community agencies and organizations, and health and human services may heighten the effectiveness and efficiency of the work. It also works to establish a body of knowledge that enriches the expertise of professionals and community performance and drives to intensify the well-being of individuals involved. It also works to create a body of knowledge that signals the expertise of professionals and community performance and thrives in promoting the well-being of individuals involved. The issue and problem I am investigating is the opioid epidemic and is medical assistance treatment (MAT) the best option for treatment. 

Drug overdose deaths increased in 2019 because of the illicitly manufactured fentanyl. The opioid epidemic saw an increase because of fentanyl combined with opioids. Halley and Saitz (2020) suggest the emerging of the COVID-19 disease 2019 consequently disturbances in health care and social security protection amalgamated with social-economic stressors will energize the opioid epidemic.Studies and widespread reports of urine drug screen tests, emergency departments indicate that the opioid epidemic is increasing. There have been several attempted strategies, but little has brought success in stopping the opioid epidemic.

Based on the findings from the study at Maryhaven, Medical Assistant Treatment is a good option for treating OUD. However, additional evidence-based modalities are needed.

After careful examination of demographics, data, meta-analysis, and evidence-based modalities, the research will show that MAT services assist people in recovering from OUD along with other evidence-based modalities. Although MAT curves OUD, it does nothing to reduce the opioid epidemic.

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