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12 pt font may H u m a n i t i e s


In helping to understand more about the architectural field and your potential career path, it is important to get to know people in the industry. I think it would be very beneficial for you to learn/hear about it yourself through someone you know and/or can speak to personally.

Conduct an informational interview – interviewing something to obtain information → about the architectural (or related) field. This paper should be well thought out and well written.

Individuals might include a partner in a local firm, a faculty member, a classmate or colleague, or a mentor. Please keep in mind other people’s schedules and times, as you request your interviews.

I would suggest the any of the following:

friend already studying architecture (B.Arch, M.Arch, D.Arch)

friend or relative working or practicing in the architecture industry

Contact an architectural firm your are interested and ask to interview one of their architect

If you have someone in mind, but aren’t sure…check with me.

There are 3 components for this assignment. You must include ALL.

Brief biography: Information about the person you are interviewing, a picture, AND why you chose this person to interview.

Transcript/Questions you asked with their answers. Interview should include their experience and thoughts on the Architecture field. Outline form okay.

Post-interview reflection. 2 pages, minimum, answering the following questions: What did you learn from this person? How has it affected your thoughts of the field? How has it affected (or not) your goals? Has your personal educational and career goals/objectives changed since you first started the class? How has this class impacted your educational or career goals?


Must be well-written and thorough. Think! Make sure you proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. [Remember, architects communicate through writing as well.]

All formatting choices must be used consistently and be professional in appearance.

10 -11 pt font may be used, 12 pt font may be used for

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